INKED! Today starts the watercolor phase....

BIG SCHOOL - a 70" wide pen & ink drawing on a single sheet of paper (currently being watercolored). I'd like to create an affordable print and fund it via Kickstarter starting late in October or early November. I've been working on this project for nearly a year and documenting the progress here. BIG SCHOOL takes lessons I've learned after drawing BIG CANAL and then BIG HOSPITAL. Some of those lessons include:

  • a more standard print size is less expensive to frame (this one will be 24" x 36")
  • drawing less outside walls leaves more room to see STUFF inside - making the drawing just....MORE (also the original overall size of this one is larger, though the scale is the same)
  • people don't love to look at or think about a hospital (my last drawing)
  • BIG SCHOOL includes tons of 'easter eggs' - some I'll tell you about, others you'll have to find by yourself.