Color studies

8" x 10" pen & ink and watercolor studies

Sketchbook activity

True story: we found an old reel to reel tape recorder in the basement of a log cabin in the Catskills this week. It was lying on a table next to a human skin-bound copy of the Necronomicon but the power was out and we can't read whatever that weird blood-ink language was written in. Probably for the best.

 The Log Cabin

The Log Cabin

NYPD wearing my donut pins!!!!

To be honest - I've been meaning to ask NYPD officers to pose wearing my donut cloisonne pins for months but I lacked the balls to ask. My 7 year old knew this and prodded me at the perfect opportunity today until I relented. They were so unbelievable cool about it...

 get yours  here

get yours here

Back to Nature

Looking back two sketchbooks ago I found some pleasingly beautiful botanical and seascape studies. I'm interested in seeing what they would look like scaled up (22" x 30" and 50" x 30") and drawn with pen & ink and intense watercolor.