Test wall drawings

This 16 sq. ft. indoor drawing in acrylic paint applied on my studio wall (4 surfaces) with a brush is a test for a series of wall drawings that I intend to install this fall.

Sketchbook Shenainigans

2 more sketchbook Huggy Lungs (where the lungs enthusiastically hug the heart) and a young Tom Baker with golden locks.

In other "news" - Artnet called me either refers to me as an "Art World Personality" or at least refers to a person I was fighting with as one. Oy vey.

McSweeney's Kickstarter rewards

Sending out rewards for my donation to McSweeney’s Kickstarter. Two custom donut watercolors. “Stuck Ball,” and “Prolapse Pool.” Pen and ink and watercolor, each 8" x 10" - 2015.