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Custom donut drawings for my (now ended) Kickstarter campaign. Click each donut to see what word the person who ordered had requested. But PLEASE CALM DOWN - you can get a custom-made donut drawing for yourself right here.

Escher Spooge

10" x 12" pen & ink and watercolor

Escher Spooge. 10"x12" pen & ink and watercolor. Still interested in these nonsensical "room" structures, trying to push them to see what happens. I'm so fucking sick of drawing little tiny beds and picture frames to fill the "rooms" but one interesting aspect to making the room drawings is the initial "building" stage where I'm making the walls and stuff. Making it all make spatial sense is an interesting challenge once they get really complicated. I set up basic logical rules to follow when penciling it in. This time around I'm trying to unfollow that particular spatial rule as much as possible (but still within certain parameters) to see where it leads. I think I might try this one on a larger scale. Rules for this one: keep all widths the same for all planks, limit color palette (though this can be pushed much harder), constrain overall shape to paper parameters (no bleed, which implies infinite space) to keep it warm and claustrophobic. It's interesting to see what little tweaks make it easier or harder to look at for any length of time. Adding the Spooge kinda ruins the Escher illusion a bit. And that's ok.