INK is totally done. Watercolor starts tomorrow. 52” x 62” pen & ink BIG HOSPITAL with the original study, “Small Clinic.” We also started shooting and editing possibly the most ridiculous Kickstarter video ever made: Starring Matt Rockman as the helpful Emergency Medical Technician and me (seen below with the tube in my nose) as the drone accident victim. Shot and edited by John Culhane.

Donambulance at The Best Show

If Big Hospital has an official logo (see previous post) it should also have an official vehicle. I drew this stuff during The Best Show with the great Tom Scharpling on Tuesday night in the studio. I even got to sit in on the Half Hour of Power and participate with unscreened callers. SO MUCH FUN. Subscribe on iTunes here. I've been a dedicated listener since he started in WFMU 14 years ago and it's still by far, my favorite show. I was lucky enough to be asked to draw a map of Newbridge, NJ (it's a place referenced in all of the episodes) for the 16 CD 'best of" box set coming out in March 2015.

BIG HOSPITAL progress report

First layer of ink is done

for some reason I made a logo (??)