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Sundrop Windflower prints available NOW!

Sundrop Windflower six-color hand pulled limited edition silkscreen fine art print. Measures 24" x 18" and fits standard frames. Printed by Kayrock Editions in Brooklyn, Feb. 2018. BONUS! For a limited time, each Sundrop Windflower is shipped with a FREE Alphabet City poster! 

Orchid Panel II - HOW TO (updating...)

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The Shack, Star Island

Pell house "The Shack" on Star Island (Isle of Shoals) pen & ink on 20" x 20" paper. Watercolor comes next. Loads of technical mistakes on this (some of which I frustratingly can't not-see whenever I look at it) but just as much learning from those errors to apply to another one. "Hang in there, little kitty!" More from Star Island.