A partial list things to look for in BIG SCHOOL:


  Find the 23 remaining donut letters on the  BS  walls (here are three). 

  Find the 23 remaining donut letters on the BS walls (here are three). 

DONUT ALPHABET: Find all 26 pink frosted donut letters that are framed and hung on the walls of BIG SCHOOL...... Click for alphabet hints page.



  • Mr. Hand (played by the late, great Ray Walston in the 1982 classic Sean Penn vehicle, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

  • Mr. Escalante (the inspirational teacher played by Edward James Olmos in the 1988 Stand and Deliver - based on the true story of high school math teacher Jaime Escalante)

  • Ms. Krabappel (Bart’s teacher in The Simpson’s voiced by the late, great Marcia Wallace

  • Ms. Honey (the teacher from Roald Dahl’s Matilda - on the chalkboard is an important message from scene in the book)

  • Bob Frossting (donut art/painting teacher inspired by my love of the late, great Bob Ross)

  • Principal Rooney (from John Hughes’ classic Ferris Beuller’s Day Off -  Edward R. Rooney, Dean of Students played by Jeffrey Jones. I drew “Principal” on his door because I was too lazy to confirm the correct title while I was drawing and now it’s too late.)

  • Mr. Kotter (from the “seemed good when I was young” sitcom from the late 70’s Welcome Back, Kotter played by Gabe Kaplan)


  • Guess who’s playing in the theater? Penn & Teller’s ampersand ("&") logo is on the ticket taker booth, though only Teller’s famous goldfish to coin trick is set up in the stage.

  • It’s Mac Barnett week in the picture book section of the library (featuring many of his titles) - an amazing and prolific kids and young adult author. I had the pleasure of working with Mac on the McSweeney’s book, The Clock without a Face.

  • Speaking of the The Clock without a Face, find all four copies somewhere within the drawing (that aren’t stuck in a shelf). It's a distinctive shape so it won't be that hard.

  • Several references to my all-time favorite podcast, Tom Scharpling’s The Best Show, including but not limited to a few nods to Kern’s Country Day School (mentioned on the show) and on posters pinned to the upstairs office bulletin board.

  • lounge (that still features an 80’s bowling-alley style pull-handle mechanical KOOL cigarette vending machine) with confiscated treasures taken from students

  • Driver’s Ed simulator trailer from the 80’s-90’s


  • The stairway leading up to the lower office in the center bottom of the drawing would be impossible to use - the steps are way too narrow and weird

  • II tried connecting all 3 of the fish so that the animals could traverse to each section at will but my brain exploded trying to figure out how to make it work spatially and I gave up
  • When I was inking over the 26 donut letters, I mistook a Z for an N and had to redraw another Z. That's why there are two N's. Now you know.
  • I'm sure I've made many more mistakes. If you find some, be sure to make your own list and keep it safe in your back pocket!