Poster - line art (pre color)

This is the poster I designed for the book, which is going to given away to the "raddest" American bookstores in (those that are independent, cool, and sell McSweeney's lit). We were originally going to do a crappy color copy poster, but then we thought, "yuck." Next we thought producing a glicee print. But since I'm a complete snob and not too down with computer/ink-jet prints with fancy names, we thought - SILKSCREEN! But then I remembered I'm friends with Phil Sanders - the master printer for the venerable Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. They primarily work with etching and hand-pulled lithography. I'm a sucker for fine-art printing - I studied litho and etching in undergrad and grad school - and my dad used to deal in antique prints. So we went with 2-color lithographs - in an edition of 150, and maybe an alternative edition with different colors of 100 after that.

It'll be in newsprint-colored paper, made to look kind of blue-printy - in blue ink, while the title in the center will be a bright, emerald green. That little scroll on the bottom of the frame is left blank because I plan on writing the name of each store inside of it. I think we are also going to make a special edition of 12 with gold ink for contest winners (or something along those lines - Charlie Bucket-esque). The particular frame for this one is an alternate one that I drew for the back cover:- but didn't use because my initial measurements for it were wrong, wrong, wrong. Duh, me.