Randy Packs are LIVE

A side project called Randy Packs trading cards that I am working on with Adam Parker Smith has just gone live! The stars of the project are the amazing artists who donated their time and talents to draw an improbable sex act for each card. The list includes:

Marc Bell - Hot Doggin'
Brent Birnbaum - Cleveland Steamer
Ivan Brunetti - Dirty Sammich
Vanessa Davis - Selson Blow
David DeGrand - Topeka Destroyer
Renee French - Tiara Taco & Hot Lunch
Alex Gingrow - Popcorn Trick
Justin Hall - The Santa
Sam Henderson - Pearl Necklace
kozyndan - Soggy Buscuit
Michael Krueger - Groucho Sunrise
Adam Koford (Ape Lad) - Alien Brain
Taylor McKimens - Couch-Bombing
Travis Millard - Ambushing Paddington
Tuan Nguyen - The Moses
Jeff Roysdon - Mile High Club
Johnny Ryan - Rusty Trombone
Christian Schumann - Roman Shower
Michael Scoggins - The Coyote
Adam Parker Smith - Gorilla Mask
Scott Teplin - Frozen Eddy
Mark Dean Veca - Hole in One
Steven Weissman - Aussy Death Grip

and Designer
Tony Ong