Pre-Review in Art in America

Getting sketchbooks stolen - bummer. Finding out it was a friend to put them in a cool show? Awesome. Here's a pre-review by Brian Boucher from Art in America:

A large group show opening this month poses cheeky questions about theft of ideas and artworks: artist-curator Adam Parker Smith stole all the objects to be included, from paintings to an artist's mouth guard, during studio visits. 
"Thanks" will be at New York's Lu Magnus Gallery (Mar. 29-Apr. 26). Among the artists invited to participate (they can still decline) are Scott Teplin, A.i.A. contributor Dennis KardonEmily Noelle Lambert and Rico Gatson.
Smith sent e-mails (forwarded to one of the artists) last night and today to the more than 70 New York "invitees." It reads, in part, "'Thanks' will be a large group show comprised entirely of stolen works of art or objects relating to the artists' practice."
4 sketchbooks stolen (and recovered)

4 sketchbooks stolen (and recovered)