Recent sketchbook stuff

I recently retired a sketchbook and due to my sadness over the dear departed tome, it's sometimes hard to start working in a fresh, pristine new one. If the format is completely different each time the transition becomes a little easier. I often freak out months before a sketchbook is filled up and I'll begin binding a new one far in advance.  Aside from smaller proportions, this new book uses French 100% cotton Lana Aquarelle 80# HP watercolor paper as opposed to my usual choice of Italian 100% cotton Fabriano Artistico 90# HP watercolor paper. The Lana is a little toothier and doesn't hide the erasure marks as well, but hey, PALIMPSEST! Another difference is the goatskin. The last one was covered in a soft purple (#29) Harmatan leather, but this one is covered with a warmer yellow (#800) French Chagreen which is much more durable and a harder to the touch.