Driver's Ed Trailer (No. 1 Building)

When I was in high school in Mequon, Wisconsin in 1988 a portion of the drivers' ed class required a certain number of hours in the driving simulator before we could begin our actual behind-the-wheel lessons in a real car. It was completely ridiculous. There was a retrofitted trailer next to my high school that contained a line of fake drivers seats/dash boards with foot pedals (maybe 10 in a row?) and we all faced a single movie screen on one end of the trailer. The instructor would run a 16 mm film and we were led to believe that as we watched footage of (from the POV of someone in a car) a car driving down a road, the actions on our individual simulator units were being scored and would effect our final grade of the class. No one ever scored better than a D, from what I saw. Being the out of control kid that I was, I got to the simulator early one day and noticed the large fiberglass backing of one of the units was loose. So I pried it up and saw a bunch of those rainbow flat ribbon cables. I quickly unplugged a bunch and plugged them into the wrong slots and closed it up. That broke the whole system and for the duration of my 4 week class (and several classes after mine) nobody had to use the simulator any more. I heard that the school had to call in a "simulator Doctor" in from Ohio to fix the thing.