Prospect Park doodles


When first I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn in 1998 I was struck by the differences in park lamps between those in Central Park (Manhattan) and those in Prospect Park (Brooklyn). The Manhattan lamps were ornate with beautiful details - really gorgeous. The lamps in Prospect Park were cheap, shitty imitations of the nicer Manhattan lamps. Today, 19 years later, I saw (and drew both here) many of the shitty Prospect Park lamps were replaced with the nicer (though not quite as “genuine” looking as the ones in Central Park, if my memory is correct) with better versions. Notice how on the shitty lamps the metal strips on the sides (swipe to the image to the left) don’t even bother to reach the bottom metal ring holding the glass in place. It used to infuriate me, but I’m glad there are nicer lamps in Brooklyn now - so - happy days.