Shitheal Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes Line.jpg

I drew this disgusting shitheel for Michael Hambouz's annual artist collaboration, "Faces of Death." From his web site:

An annual, non-profitting collaborative artist project, paying tribute to fallen heroes and icons.

The Faces of Death idea was originally realized in 1997 in my friend Milton Carter and his pals' music 'zine Gank, and continued in 2002 on a t-shirt printed in Milton's kitchen. Each annual edition of F.O.D. pays homage to cultural icons that have passed during the calendar year, with each drawing rendered by a different wonderfully talented friend/friend-of-friends, in styles ranging from painterly to primitive.

In 2013, Milton passed the F.O.D. torch on to me. As I would prefer not to profit in the name of lives passed, this project is non-profitting. All sales made help to recoup cost of materials and production.