Custom Ear Portraits are FINALLY HERE!

Introducing my hand drawn, personalized ear portraits for a limited time. Most commonly referred to as the "fingerprints of the head," the human ear is a radically unique shape stuck to the heads of nearly every person alive. Send me a snapshot of yours or your loved one's [human] ear and I will lovingly draw it in graphite - an instant family heirloom for time immemorial. Much more affordable than a boring whole-head portrait. I can even fit up to six ears on one drawing, FAMILY PORTRAIT STYLE. Because the drawing is crafted on an 8" x 10" piece of archival, 100% cotton paper, it's easy to find frames literally anywhere you look. BEST PART - I'll send you a high-res digital version of your portrait so you can use it on your holiday card this year. Imagine Uncle Krüstey and Aunt Edith's confused delight when they greedily tear open the envelope!

Why I don't animate

I just found this DVD of an animation I made out of my Brooklyn apartment in 2000. Patrick Heliman did the sound from recordings of his Brooklyn apartment radiator hissing. I used a 1960's Bolex 16mm camera mounted on a 2x4 above a table in my studio apartment. Some of the drawings for this film were from a book I editioned (15 of them) called Taught. I used an old, manual shutter release about 50,000 times to make this dumb thing, and consequently wrecked my right arm. Because of that I still use a computer mouse with my left hand. At about 8:28 is the start of another one I did - but for some reason it't not all there. I'll look arounf for it.