Lilly Mugshot

I love to obsess over [drawn] lines. How it's not just a 'line' but how each side has a surface and that there's a variable difference between those to surfaces - they have a relationship to each other. I went to grad school for printmaking but really I only wanted to learn more about drawing. I wanted to know stuff that I never understood, like when, where and why to make lines thicker and thinner. I'm still learning about it and not unlike skateboarding - learning a new trick opens more doors to learning more tricks - more tools to keep in my toolbox. I still love looking through my toolbox and thinking about what to use on a drawing and maybe (hopefully?) know why to use that tool. But often it's just me taking a tool from the toolbox and using it because it seems fun and seeing what happens and inevitably learning something cool from it. Click for more like these.